Designing a Collection

Yes, you read right. Im building a collection. A collection i will be showing in Spring 2020 at RAW Week and Fashion X, or somewhere. But this isn’t my first time.The first and only collection i’ve ever shown was for my senior year of college. I created a 12 look collection, in which i showed 6 of the 12 looks down the runway. My line was named Deco Nova, a twist of 1920’s art deco and skeletal anatomy. I even designed my own textiles for the collection. But was exactly goes into a collection?

This is the method i learned and adapted to my style:

STEP ONE – Trend Forecasting. This means researching trends, colors, patterns, textiles and shapes that are tied to a present economical, political, environmental or any event that related to a past time. This is data that is gathered over time to identify trends. Related events. There are multiple trends to pick from for a collection, which keeps things interesting.

STEP TWO – Finding your theme & aesthetic. This means tying the two together. Bringing a trend together with your personal taste and style. Its important to find the right mix and to represent a trend while still creating a collection that embodies you as a designer.

STEP THREE – Target Market. Some complete this step after sketching, but i like to do it before. It acts like my guideline for my collection. Like a rulebook. Finding your target marketing is important. It defines who you are designing for, what you are designing and why.

STEP FOUR – Sketching. Which i find to be the hardest. Outsiders see this as an easy step, but it takes a lot of time and editing. Ive probably drawn up over 200 designs to reduce to just 10-12 looks. You have to be innovative and unique as well as create a cohesive collection. Cohesive? Yeah, it hard trying to create a collection, but also making sure that all the looks are identical. Is a long and tiring process.

STEP FIVE – Patterning. Finding and altering patterns. I find this step to be fun. If you want to be innovative, i wouldn’t suggest building a collection off of someones already-made patterns. Just saying.

STEP SIX – Muslin, or prototypes. These are your practice garments. Models have all kinds of measurements. So we fit, fix, fit and fix!

STEP WHENEVER – Source fabric. I like to complete this step somewhere between steps 4 and 6. I create my own prints, which also goes through steps 1, 2 and 4. Its a lengthy process as well.

STEP SEVEN – Marketing. Yes i do my own marketing. You can do it yourself or hire someone. To creating a website, business cards, photoshoots, press releases, branding, tags and more.STEP EIGHT – Create final pieces.

So whats coming up for my new collection?

It’s a 10 look collection named Revival, meaning renewal. Luckily in trend forecasting for Spring 2019, multiple trends fall into my personal aesthetic I must be meant to be. The trends i’m focusing on are the geo and dark bloom trends, kind of gives off the 70’s bohemian vibe. Personally i gravitate toward geometric and the 70’s, which makes this process easy. This trend reflects back on our desire of peace and equality, which we are still seeing today.I also decided to make myself my target market, designing for women in their 20’s – 30’s, who like to wear comfy, stylish streetwear. They are artistic and fun, and can mix math their looks from day to night. I wanted them the be comfortable and fashion forward. I tend to dress more simplistic than trendy, but thats what happens when your too busy dressing others than yourself, right?

Im creating my own prints for my collection as well as my accessories. As a new featured designer at Kin Custom, i will be designing shoes and handbags for my collection that includes my prints. This collection will be 100% me.

Stay tuned, for an update when i’m in my step six! I’m so excited for this new creative journey and getting back to the old me. please feel free to contact me with and questions and check out my shops to purchase my products and textiles! Chat soon,