If you have been following me, you know i’ve gone through a few changes over the past eight years. If this is your first time here, hello! I’m Vee and i’ve rebranded THREE times within eight years. Why?

I started my brand in 2012 as Vee Michelle. I was in college and started my fabric-textile business while working on my fashion design degree. During this, I created my website www.veemichelle.com, which was more of a online portfolio than anything. I used Michelle (my middle name) because I felt it was “catchy” and “hip”. This now seemed like the dumbest idea I ever had.

In 2016, I rebranded to Vee Sanchez. I felt using my last name sounded more professional even if I was still using my nickname. Surprise, Vee is short for Vanessa, which happens to be my first name. Somehow, many people assume it to be Victoria.

Throughout the past 4 years, I have redone my logo, graphics and website over and over and over. Never satisfied. At this point, not only was my website a online portfolio, but a pathway to my fabric and apparel store. Sounding super successful right?


Both “businesses” are through a third party company, who take profit from me for hosting, creating and processing my designs. It’s easier for me since I don’t have the time, finances or room to run my own business. So that means my stuff is overpriced, limited and at this point, boring.

So at the end of 2019 (which trust me was one of the worst years of my life) I was looking for a restart. A new me for a new decade. Somehow leaving your job (that you loved) inspires you to do something you thought would never happen. to TRUELY create my OWN business.

Thats how I created Moon Craft. I’ve had a hobby for a couple years; collecting enamel pins (mainly from Disney since I’m worked there and a hard-core fan). I also go to anime conventions in my spare time, and have started collecting other pins as well. I had stored away so many doodle ideas that I could bring to life as enamel pins. POOF. A new business was born.

January 13 will be the launch of my first FOUR enamel pin designs. I’ve worked back and forth with vendors across the globe to create these designs and packaging. I’ve worked hours and hours on everything thats included in every shipment and have already started designing new designs.

So Moon Craft? It’s far off from Vee Sanchez right?
I felt using my name limited me and my work. I felt that I couldn’t reach out and be as a creative I could be. I felt I could have multiple projects under one brand name if I didn’t include my personal name. As for Moon Craft, I honestly cant give you a dramatic, vast story of the wonders and glimmer of how I came up with the name. I like moons and I craft. Ta-da!

Honestly, I’m a moon-child and felt I needed to incorporate it into my work, who I AM in my work. If your gonna have a moon tattoo on your foot, better embrace it, right?

But I do craft.

So what does this mean. Will I rebrand in two years? Hopefully not.
Hopefully, I can really grow this business and branch out into things other than pins. Hopefully one day I can create my own apparel and not rely on another company. Hopefully one day I may have a team and be self-employed. Only time will tell….and sales.

Check back in twenty twenty-two.